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We appreciate your continuous patronage in the services of Concepcion Water District (CWD). Your comments and suggestions on how we have served you are important information which we need for the continuous improvement of our services.

  1. Email CWD   -client are encouraged to e-mail at  concepcionwaterdistrict [at]           regarding any irregularities or slow delivery of front line services.
  2. Suggestions/Complaints Box-clients are encouraged to write (either in English or Filipino or even in major dialects) their complaints, suggestions and comments regarding any observed irregularities or slow delivery of front line services.
  3. Public Assistance and Complaint Desk-clients are encouraged to go to the desk regarding any irregularities or slow delivery of front ine services.

If you are not satisfied with our service, your written complaints shall be immediately be attended to by our Customer Service Assistant at the Officer of the Day at the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk.

Thank you very much for helping us continue improving our services and making us proud to serve you better.


Processing Time                                   :           One (1) Working Day

Steps Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity Person in Charge Fees & Charges Forms
1 Proceeds to the Public Assistance and Complaint Desk and gets Complaint/Suggestion, Request for Assistance, Commendation Form. (CWD Feedback Form 1-4) Issues CWD Feedback Forms 1-4 10 minutes Officer of the Day NONE       CWD Feedback Form 1-4
2 Submits Feedback forms Accepts  CWD feedback forms     Advises client that his/her concerns will be given immediate action. 2 minutes Officer of the Day NONE       CWD Feedback Form 1-4
3 Waits for response Gives quick response to walk-in customers and phone calls bearing customer complaints and other related feedback. The standard shall be to answer complaints immediately and courteously, and assure the customer on the appropriate action taken by CWD. ·   On matters relating to pipeline new connection, reconnection, disconnection.   ·   On water quality and water flow/ production concerns.           ·   On meter reading, billing and collection concerns.     Immediately             Based on standard response time set by CWD.   Within 24 hours or less, time requirement shall also depend on the nature of the problem   Within 24 hours or even less depending on the nature of the problem. Commercial Division   NONE         CWD Feedback Form 1-4

Note: Others – on complaints not answerable or covered by the above-listed, assigned personnel shall inform the customer that a return call shall be given by CWD within an hour after receipt of the customer’s phone call. The assigned personnel shall coordinate with the concerned division for the appropriate action to be taken and thereafter call back the customer on the corrective action to be implemented. The same shall follow with walk-in complaints. The customer shall be given the answer as quickly as possible within the hour of his visit or shall be given an update through a return call or follow-up visit by the meter reader/CWD representative.

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